Field Surveys &
Site Dimensions

Field Surveys & Site Dimensions

Field surveys and site dimensions are critical on restoration projects and often in new construction.

  • Obtain dimensions, profiles & architectural details to match existing
  • Site conditions determine depth requirements of new stone
  • Site conditions identify constraints, notches, ‘fit around’ issues
  • Structural backup conditions determine anchorage design
  • Site conditions identify coordination issues with other materials

Field survey, Ansonia Hotel, New York City

Knickerbocker Hotel Project Survey

Structural backup conditions reveal vital information about the design and fit of new stone.

36 East 61st Street Project Survey

36 East 61st Street – Limestone barrel vault to be replaced

Field survey prior to demolition of damaged stone is critical for obtaining surface features, profiles and dimensional relationships between stones.

Profiles are measured, templated and scanned prior to demo to document existing architectural features.

36 East 61st Street – limestone trim to be replaced

31 East 74th Street
Case Study

  • Replication and replacement of historic landmark sheet metal cornice, balustrade, columns, arches & ornamental features.
  • Field measurements of existing structures & documentation of offsite salvaged materials.

Moxy Hotel Project Survey

Storefront materials that were installed in the 1960’s have been removed that were covering up original limestone façade. Significant damage and removals had occurred to the underlying limestone that new limestone needed to be fabricated in order to return the façade to it’s original design.

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