Shop Drawings & Setting Drawings

Shop Drawings

  • Shop drawings are the manufacturer’s or contractor’s drawn version of the information shown in the construction documents.
  • They are drawn to provide the fabricator with a clear, fully detailed understanding of the requirements of the project.
  • They provide the fabricator with an opportunity to specify in detail any preferences they have in terms of achieving the required design.
  • Shop drawings must be reviewed and approved by the contractor and/or architect prior to fabrication to assure the shop drawing meets with the architect’s design intent.
Waldorf Astoria Pinnacle Shop Drawing

Shop drawing, Waldorf Astoria Hotel Pinnacles

shop drawing detail

Section view from shop drawing with coordinating details

Good stone shop drawings provide the fabricator, contractor and architect with a visual understanding of how stones will fit together and coordinate with other materials.

Shop drawings explore difficult to achieve details and provide solutions to conditions that might create problems either in the shop or in the field.

shop drawing coordination detail

Shop drawing isometric to detail transition
between chair rail and window sill

Shop Drawing Examples from Multiple Jobs

Setting Drawings

  • Setting drawings (also called Stone Arrangement drawings) indicate the mark number and location of every stone on the project.
  • They provide the installer with the knowledge of where to set every stone.   Setting drawings are also used for sequencing and prioritizing the installation process.
  • Setting drawings are record keeping tools giving the installer the ability to keep track of job progress.
Stone Setting drawing

Setting drawing, 9 Orchard Street Lobby Restoration

Setting Drawing Examples from Multiple Jobs

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