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With 25 years experience in the design and fabrication of GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) , Stone Details provides consulting design services to architects, engineers and manufacturers of GFRC.

GFRC is particularly important to design properly. It is an excellent material, and properly designed, it is a versatile, cost effective and long‐lasting material. Improperly designed, it is prone to failure.

Section detail of GFRC cornice with attachment to steel frame provided by others. Steel frame location to be coordinated with flex anchor locations on GFRC panel.

GFRC Panel & Frame Design

Section detail of GFRC cornice. Upper portion of cornice with integral tube steel frame & flex anchors. Lower portion of cornice to tie back with stone anchors due to shallow cavity not suitable for integral steel frame.  Client:  Wilson Composites

Plan section at GFRC corner pilasters with integral tube steel frame and flex anchors.  Client:  Wilson Composites

Case Study: Heritage at Millennium Park

The Challenge: Demolish 5 buildings on North Wabash Avenue in Chicago, save their historic facades, and integrate those facades into a new 57 floor tower.

The Solution: Survey the existing structural and masonry backup conditions exposed by the demolition of the original facade.  Prepare shop drawings integrating the existing structural conditions with the architect’s design intent.  Prepare GFRC panel layout, shop tickets and frame design drawings for fabrication.

The Result: A GFRC panel facade which replicates the appearance of the original facade

Heritage at Millennium Park with all original materials removed from facade.

Shop drawing of new façade with GFRC panels.

Heritage at Millennium Park, corner detail photo of completed GFRC panel façade restoration.

GFRC plan section detail of the corner condition with integral steel frame and flex anchors.

GFRC plan section of the fluted panel condition with integral steel frame and flex anchors.

Case Study: 141 Wooster Street, New York

A metal cornice in New York City required replacement. The damaged cornice was removed and the existing conditions were surveyed.  Shop drawings and GFRC panel drawings were prepared for the replication of the cornice.  The designers opted to replace the sheet metal with GFRC to simulate a limestone cornice.

141 Wooster Street – Original damaged sheet metal cornice.

Shop drawing of new cornice with GFRC panels including steel frames and flex anchors.

Completed 141 Wooster Street GFRC cornice to simulate limestone.

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