What is a shop drawing?

A shop drawing is a drawing, or set of drawings produced by the stone contractor, supplier or fabricator for purposes of reflecting the understanding of the architect’s design back to the architect and general contractor. Shop drawings are critical for several reasons:

  • They demonstrate the understanding of the design intent of the drawings.
  • The shop drawing shows more detail than the construction documents and is drawn to explain in precise terms the specific size, configuration, finish and arrangement of stone to be supplied.
  • Upon acceptance, they become part of the contract record and become the basis of what will be provided for the project, and ultimately the basis of what will be accepted by the architect as meeting their design requirements.
  • Shop drawings are used for coordination of all prefabricated elements for a construction project to assure each element fits according to it’s placement on the job
  • Shop drawings are used for installation to show arrangement and location of individual stone units as well as anchorage details where required.

For detailed shop drawings specifications, see the following Shop Drawing Specification.